Eight indigenous rangers were brutally murdered, simply because they wanted to protect their forest two were shot, six burnt. But so far the police has failed to engage in serious investigations.

The Purpecha have lived in fear of criminal loggers who threaten their life for years. Desperate for protection they held 16 police officers in an office for a day to effect an investigation into the crimes that have been committed.

80 percent of forest cut down by illegal loggers.

About two years ago, armed illegal loggers showed up, quickly clearing 80 percent of the Purpecha forest. According to the indigenous, organised crime is shielding the activites of the loggers in Mexico.

Last year 17,000 indigenous barricaded their town using sandbags and tyres to stop illegal loggers coming in after two Purpecha had been murdered.

The Purpecha demand better protection against criminals and an adequate investigation of the recent homicide cases.

Please write to the governor of the Mexican state Michoacn and demand the protection of the Purpecha and their forest.


The Governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa
Palacio de Gobierno 1Er. Patio
Av. Madero Poniente # 63
Centro, C.P. 58000
email: contacto.cgcs@michoacan.gob.mx
Fax (443) 313-64-96


President Felipe Caldern
Edificio 10, Planta baja,
Col. Centro, Deleg. Cuauhtmoc.
C.P. 06067. Mxico, Distrito Federal.
Fax (55) 5093-4901

Dear Mr. Governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, dear Mr. President Caldern,

in solidarity with the indigenous people of Chern, Michoacan I ask you:

- to eliminate the illegal logging in the communal forest of Packjaracua,

- to take measures against illegal timber trade

- to initiate independent investigations of the murder cases of the Purpecha on the 18th April and to resolve these crimes

- to support the municipality of Chern in their efforts to protect the local forests and to ensure
their legal rights.

Yours faithfully.
Also, you can send and write the petition on-line, visit: https://www.rainforest-rescue.org/ma...iminal-loggers